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Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020!

I’m going into this new year with anticipation of becoming more knowledgeable in the Real Estate field… and getting my license! The more in’s and out’s I know the better and I can’t wait!

I did see first hand last month that buying and selling is not always picture perfect, though. I’ve witnessed sales fall apart in my years behind the office desk, but I never saw the interaction with the clients themselves. I’ve only heard stories agents would tell me and see the cancellations come through my desk to process. Now being on The Jacob Olson Team, I’m able to KNOW the clients. I’ve always taken my work personally, (I fully believe putting 100% of me into what I do everyday is important) and now I get to be personally invested in our client’s transactions. Buying a home is huge. It’s a huge event. I love being a part of that accomplishment. However, last month we had a transaction that did not go as smoothly as planned.

Jake takes educating his clients and team members very seriously. I know how important working with a lender is, not only through my own home purchase, but now working more in depth on client transactions. The sale I’m referring to involved a last minute hiccup on the buyer’s credit and financing ability. What made it difficult was that we were not representing the buyer, therefore we had no control in resolving the situation. In addition, our sellers needed the funds from the sale of their house to purchase their new one. That is often the case when people are selling one home to move into another. It was a waiting game for awhile.

In the beginning of the buying process we like clients to work closely with their lender to make sure all “I”s are dotted and all “T”s are crossed. If issues show up on credit reports or financial history, usually there is time to clear them up at that point, before a purchase agreement is even submitted. When buyers submit a purchase agreement for one of our listings, we require proof of funds or a pre-approval letter from their lender. Again, if we are not representing the buyers, we really have no involvement in their financing of the home purchase being on the list side. We do our best to get a written statement of financing approval and, of course, make sure we receive the clear to close a few days before closing.

I’ve seen buyers and sellers sitting in parking lots with all of their possessions in a trailer waiting to see if they have a home to go to or not. It can be nerve-racking sometimes. The transaction I’m referring to did close and all families involved are settled in and happy. Throughout the process, I saw Jake and Tim “hold their client’s hands” the whole way. They were extremely supportive and comforting. It is great to see how much they truly care for the people and families they work with.

I always thought buying a home to be such a happy and exciting time for everyone because it was for me. Whether people are selling due to a loss of a loved one, downsizing, family growing, job change, every client has a story. Every client has memories, experiences, life changes. And moving is another life change. I can’t wait to show the heart and dedication I have to my future clients. Even if it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

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