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Let It Snow!

With Thanksgiving passed and Christmas around the corner, Winter is upon us. Someone somewhere said the Winter months are slow when it comes to real estate. I’d say quieter, maybe, but definitely not “slow.” People still need to move. I closed on my house December 14th. Just in time for a beautiful Christmas with my family in our very first home. With the family memory I now have from that December, I wouldn’t have changed the timing for anything.

Hi, I’m Taryn. I joined The Jacob Olson Team in October of this year as the Team Coordinator. I have been on the administration side of real estate for over five years now and I’m loving every minute. The opportunities and education Jacob has offered me made becoming a member of this team a privilage. Since the first day meeting Jake, he has repeatedly told me, “Family comes first.” At first I thought the “Family” he was referring to was my husband and kids. I loved that this was a top priority. However, I’ve been with The Jacob Olson Team for three months now and I was wrong in my assumption of what “Family” meant. (We all know where assuming gets you.)

Family can be defined as fellowship: A group of individuals with common interest, activity, feeling, or experience. When Jake said “Family comes first” he meant our family at home, the people we love and spend time with on a daily basis. He meant our grandparents, our cousins, our pets. He meant the friends we’ve had for 10 years and the ones we met last week. And what I assure you did not take me three months to see, was that Jake meant our team. It wasn’t long before I felt a part of The Jacob Olson Family. Tim’s sense of humor always keeping the office happy and positive, Jason’s upbeat determination to conquer each day, Brittany’s passion and knowledge of interior design, and Jake’s continuous education and excitement for his team members to grow into successful people makes up this wonderful family that I have been welcomed into.

Jake’s “Family comes first” rule doesn’t end there either I’ve found. I could say simply that we treat clients like family, but that sounds very generic and used often by businesses. Jake, Tim, Brittany, Jason, they all have an important role that makes up The Jacob Olson Team. And for the past three months I’ve been able to see numerous families accomplish the huge life event of buying or selling their home. I’ve seen first time home buyers, empty-nesters, new college graduates, and growing families find their perfect home. Now although my role may be behind the scenes, I see the excitement and happiness our agents have for their clients and now I get to be a part of that.

As we enter into the busy holiday season and with the anticipation of the new year, I hope you remember “Family comes first.”

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